Network Traffic Generator with SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset

SolarWinds® WAN Killer is a traffic generator tool that helps network engineers see how the network (new or test network) performs for a specific Wide Area Network (WAN) traffic/load in a controlled environment. WAN Killer software generates random network traffic on a WAN. You can set it to listen to UDP/TCP packets to see how your network performs under specific traffic load situations. With this network traffic generator you can test and verify network traffic thresholds and load balancing, which helps enhance overall network throughput.

Network Traffic Generator Benefits

You don’t need to use real traffic for studying your network activities like testing traffic and load balancing. Instead, you can use SolarWinds WAN Killer to interactively test connections and adjust the traffic generated to achieve the desired load based on your requirements.

With WAN Killer you can:

  • Set the IP address and host name you want to send the random traffic to
  • Set circuit bandwidth and adjust percent load
  • Proactively test network circuit and load balancing

Deploying WAN Killer

The WAN Killer tool comes with SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset, a collection of essential diagnostic, monitoring, and discovery tools that network engineers rely on to perform daily IT tasks. Once you install Engineer’s Toolset, you can quickly locate and group the WAN Killer under the Diagnostics folder.

View of easy WAN Killer and Network Traffic Generator deployment.

For information on installing and setting up Engineer’s Toolset, refer to SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset Quick Start Guide.

How to Use a Network Traffic Generator

When network engineers and admins want to analyze and improve network traffic performance, an important assessment they need to make is to determine how much load the network can take up. WAN Killer software is a random traffic generator that sends network traffic to the IP address and desired host name.

You can adjust the packet size, circuit bandwidth, and the percentage of bandwidth you want to load with randomly generated data.

View of how to use a Network Traffic Generator or WAN Killer
  • Set network traffic Precedence to Routine, Priority, Immediate, Flash, Flash Override, CRITIC/ECP, Internetwork Control, or Network Control
  • Set low delays, high network throughput, and high reliability
  • Set QoS Precedence and explicit congestion notification
  • Auto gap - lets the machine automatically detect the speed and adjust appropriately to reach the target goal of, say 10% of bandwidth or whatever you have set

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