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Tool Detail

  • Shows the communication path between your PC and a target device
  • Displays SNMP information for the devices along the path
  • Continously monitors the response time of each hop and keeps running averages, minimums, and maximums

SolarWinds TraceRoute is used to analyze the performance and latency of each hop across a communication path. The application provides not only the basic TraceRoute data, but also additional SNMP stats on each device in your network.

Solarwinds TraceRoute tool not only displays the domain names of the hops in the communication path, but also provides response time analysis of each hop by running averages, minimums, and maximums. This tool can significantly reduce the time required to isolate and identify a bandwidth or segment failure within your network. In addition to displaying detailed information for each hop, the SolarWinds TraceRoute application provides the ability to right-click and connect with that network device directly.