Switch Port Mapper: Discover Connected Devices

with Engineer's Toolset


Fully functional for 14 days

Do you lack visibility to to what endpoint devices are connected to your network?

Lost time tracking down devices

IT admins waste time determining which device is connected to what port, and wondering if a device is connected to a problematic switch.

Capacity planning is difficult without endpoint visibility

Capacity planning can be a challenge if port utilization and switch capabilities (speed, duplex, current traffic, etc.) are not known.

Remotely discover the devices that are connected to each port on a switch or hub

  • Gain port information

    Correlate port information to MAC and IP address information of connected devices with Switch Port Mapping Tool.

  • Know port status

    View the operational status of ports and config information (VLAN, Duplex, Speed, Current Traffic, etc.).

  • Discover time of failure

    Learn when an interface went down.

Easy access to 60+ network management tools, when you need them

Engineer's Toolset Starts at $1495

  • 60+ tools in categories including network discovery, monitoring, diagnostics, config management, and IP address management
  • Quick access to all desktop tools from a unified dashboard
  • Launch tools, including Response Time, Interface, CPU, and Memory Monitors, as well as Traceroute from an easy to use web console

Fully functional for 14 days

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