Scan and Discover MAC Addresses in Your Network

with Engineer's Toolset

Tired of typing CONFIGIP on each device on your LAN to discover their MAC addresses? You don’t have to with the MAC Address Discovery tool in SolarWinds® Engineer’s Toolset. Scan the local subnet and easily construct a table matching each IP address to a MAC address, DNS, network card manufacturer, and manufacturer’s address.

Benefits of MAC address discovery

The MAC Address Discovery tool can help you discover the hardware manufacturer, IP address, MAC addresses, and host names of the devices connected to your local subnets. You can configure the type of data provided in the discovery settings by adding data columns and specifying how to format MAC addresses.

View of MAC address scanner and discovery tool by SolarWinds.

Implementing MAC address discovery

Once you have deployed SolarWinds Engineer’s Toolset, run the MAC discovery tool from the Workspace Studio. If your system is connected to one subnet, select the Local Subnetlist and start discovering MAC addresses.

View of MAC Address Scanner and discovery implementation

How MAC address discovery works

After you perform a discovery, the MAC Address Discovery tool allows you to transfer that information to other tools through exporting and copy and paste capabilities. Also, it helps you perform MAC address discovery on a remote subnet. Load the tool on a laptop and attach it to the remote subnet to be scanned. For scanning multiple subnets, you can use the Network Sonar application

View of how MAC address scanning and discovery works