Created 2/4/2015

SolarWinds Web Help Desk (WHD) v12.2.0 provides new functionality and improves on previous WHD versions. These release notes explain the new features, performance improvements, and open and fixed issues.


New Features and Improvements

Version Requirements

Open Issues

Fixed Issues

Version History


New Features and Improvements

New features and improvements in this release include:

Special Note About Licensing for Customers Having Existing Web Help Desk Installations

The WHD 12.2.0 evaluation version is fully functional for 30 days. After 30 days, you must purchase and apply a new WHD 12.2.0 license to maintain full 12.2.0 functionality.

If you have existing maintenance left on your previous license, adding new the licensing information to an evaluation version of WHD 12.2.0 (installed over an existing WHD installation) provides a new license that expires at same end date as the previous installation's license. If your previous installation's license has already expired, you need to buy and apply WHD v12.2.0 licensing to access full WHD functionality after the 30-day evaluation period.

Note: Applying the new WHD v12.2.0 license to an existing licensed WHD installation deletes any existing licensing information. As a precaution, back up any existing WHD license information before applying the new WHD v12.2.0 license. Please be aware that SolarWinds does not support WHD downgrades.

Version Requirements

Web Help Desk Server

Additional Operating Systems


Web Help Desk v12.2.0 supports version upgrades from Web Help Desk versions 12.0.0 and 12.1.0.


Discovery Connectors



Mail Servers



Open Issues

IssueCase Number
Upgrade to WHD 12.2.0 works on Fedora 20, but displays warnings

Fixed Issues

IssueCase Number
Reporting on Assets

460754, 623155
WHD Mobile app does not accept certs signed by CA

549249, 588449, 594397, 597327, 597481, 598110, 601239, 601449, 651592
Error generating PDF - custom fields

472251, 511201, 550763, 604182, 621317, 659093, 695770
The wrong date format is being pulled for custom field in emails

471589, 525237
Export ticket custom field into TSV

602973, 619636, 629574
Exception thrown when client sorts history by time

406448, 432382, 479836, 627901, 676596
EOF issues inefficient SQL query when saving a client

Undefined value in Action Rules > Criteria

484685, 504481, 509246, 533744, 553072, 588904, 593324, 629008, 667111
Session deadlocks and thread safety

497693, 538702, 616052
Upgrade to WHD 12.2.0 fails on Fedora 20

When the Win32_BIOS WMI class is used in Attribute mapping, Asset Discovery synchronizes Assets that contain double Serial Number values

672298, 691737, 693134,
RC 2 Issue: After upgrading to 12.2.0 RC and defining a request type, customer experiences NullExceptionError when creating a ticket

RC 2 Issue: After upgrading to 12.2.0 RC, customer experiences ClassCastException after editing and saving tickets with a Numeric Custom Field

714401,713046, 712743
Spring application fails to start: ClusterNodeServiceImpl init fails

Ticket custom fields aren't hidden properly while switching request types

FAQ questions and answers cannot be selected or copied

Impossible to edit FAQs containing emoticon characters

FAQ search is case sensitive

FAQ OR/AND works incorrectly

FAQ search using two words always returns 0 results

FAQs that contain unexpected characters are not returned in search results

Editing a note and clicking the link FAQ button in the search window results in duplicate search inputs

Pressing <Enter> does not trigger a search in FAQs

Version History

These release notes are for WHD v12.2.0. Release notes for previous WHD versions include the following: