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Schedule recommendations

Active and predictive recommendations may include actions best completed after business hours or off peak times. When reviewing and resolving a recommendation, you can schedule the action for later execution.

  1. On the All Recommendations page, select one or more recommendations and click Schedule to apply on a specific date and time.

  2. Check the statistics for an overview of resource utilization over time for the recommendation(s).

    For predictive recommendations, the statistics also contain information about the predicted resource utilization in the future.

  3. Check the details of the steps how the action will be executed. Select any actions after reviewing.

    For example, if the VM does not support live changes, applying a recommended action should involve shutting the VM down, and then starting it again. Select Power off the VM to turn the VM off while the recommended action is executed and have it turned on again when the action is finished.

  4. For the time to execute the actions, select a date and time.

  5. Click Apply Recommendation(s).

The scheduled recommendations are listed under the Scheduled tab of the All Recommendations page.