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VMAN port requirements

Information below consider environments with the VMAN appliance (VMAN 7.2 and earlier) and environments without it (VMAN 8.0).

Review the following port requirements for the Orion server, the VMAN appliance, Federated Collectors, virtual environments, and additional systems. These ports are required for data collection and management actions. For a master list of all port requirements for all Orion Platform products, see this guide. For port requirements for VMAN deployments with the appliance, see the VMAN 7.2 Installation Guide.

The following port requirements support both existing customers using the appliance and new customers using VMAN in the Orion Platform.

Port Protocol Service/
Direction Description


SSH access to the virtual appliance

25 TCP   Outbound Sends emails through SMTP
123 UDP NTP Outbound Uses the Network Time Protocol (NTP) service
162 UDP   Outbound Sends SNMP traps
389 TCP, UDP   Outbound Active Directory authentication
443 HTTPS   Inbound HTTPS access to the Virtualization Manager user interface
443 or 80 TCP   Inbound Performs auto-upgrade or version upgrade on federated collectors if federated collectors are configured
3268 TCP   Outbound LDAP authentication and requests
5480 HTTPS   Inbound HTTPS access to the Management Console
8983     Inbound Access from federated collectors to the master appliance during initial setup
17777 TCP SolarWinds Information Service Bidirectional The port used for communication from your polling engine to the Orion Web Console, and from the Orion Web Console to your polling engine.
17778 HTTPS and TCP SSL Outbound

Communicates with the SolarWinds Orion server and SolarWinds Information Service if the integration with Orion is enabled

If you use Virtualization Manager integrated with NPM or SAM in an environment with multiple polling engines and federated collectors, open TCP port 17778 from the primary collector to every polling engine that is used to poll virtualization data.

61616 TCP   Inbound Active MQ master-collector communication