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Orphaned VMDKs

This resource provides a table with information about VMDK files that are not connected to a VM:

  • The file name
  • The associated datastore
  • The size of the datastore file
  • The action you can perform on the orphaned files

Click Edit to edit the name and description of the resource.

Click Delete datastore file in the Action column to remove the orphaned datastore files that are no longer needed.

Use caution when you delete datastore files.

If you monitor only a part of your virtual environment in the Orion Web Console, the datastore files that are displayed in this resource might be in use by other, unmonitored hosts.

For example, if two ESX hosts share the same datastore, and one of the hosts is monitored and the other is not, the datastore file might be orphaned from the perspective of the first, monitored host, while it is still used by the second, unmonitored host.

Deleting datastore files that are still in use will irreversibly damage the virtual machine the datastore file belongs to, and you will lose data.