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Cloud Instance Storage Performance resource

This resource displays storage information for the cloud instance, not the volume. Some cloud instances may have a local disk, or native storage, as physical disks attached to the instance. For example, when selecting your instance type in AWS, you may select an option with attached SSD drives.

If the cloud instance does not have attached local disks, the resource may display 0 across all metrics.

This resource displays storage IOPS performance data as line graphs for a cloud instance. Hover over the line graphs to view data for read and write for IOPS and throughput for the cloud instance. If data triggers warning or critical status, each line and value is highlighted in a corresponding color per status.

For more information on available native storage for cloud instances, see the Amazon EC2 Instance Store documentation.

All metric data polls from cloud service APIs. For AWS, the metrics poll from CloudWatch. This data differs from OS metrics.

This resource displays on the Cloud Instance Details page.