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Cloud Management resource

With a cloud instance managed as a node, the Cloud Instance Management resource provides options to perform management options. This resource displays on the monitored cloud instance and managed cloud instance node through the Cloud tab. For details, see Cloud instance management.

These options use the AWS account credentials for access and completing the actions:

  • Stop: ends all actions and access to the instance until restarted. The cloud service erases all data. No polling occurs while stopped. If managed as a node, SAM and integrated VMAN licenses remain consumed for the instance node.
  • Reboot: restarts the cloud instance and preserves data.
  • Terminate: removes the instance permanently from cloud services. If managed as a node, select the option to remove the node from Orion. Cloud services delete all stored instance data in their systems. The instance no longer displays in available instances for an account through the Orion Web Console.
  • Unmanage/Manage: toggles between managing as a node. When unmanaged, the instance is no longer a managed node and releases consumed licenses. Unmanage when you need to perform maintenance for the instance. This does not affect data through the cloud service. When you manage, you add the instance as a node, consuming product licenses and activating a polling method.
  • Poll Now: initiates an immediate poll for data to CloudWatch APIs.

If you do not have the correct AWS IAM account permissions, you receive an error message: "You are not authorized to perform this operation". For more information on these permissions, see Learn more about Amazon EC2 credentials for cloud monitoring.

When accessing these options, you receive the following verification messages: