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Cloud Instance Details resource

This resource provides details for a selected cloud instance including expandable sections for configuration, hardware, and security. The data primarily polls CloudWatch with additional details as configured through SAM and integrated VMAN. Without leaving the Orion Web Console, review important details for the instance all in one location through expandable sections.

This resource displays on the Cloud Instance Details page per cloud instance. This information also displays through the Cloud tab for a managed cloud instance node through the Node Details page.

All metric data polls from cloud service APIs. For AWS, the metrics poll from CloudWatch. This data differs from OS metrics.

Health status for cloud instances displays from polled data. This data does not include specific region or zone health.

Configuration details provide at-a-glance instance information including the OS, AWS type, image related information, when launched, and more.

Hardware details provide specific data pulled from CloudWatch and additional OS specific information when managed as a node.

Security details include the account owner and IAM role if associated to the account, any assigned security groups, the VPC ID, and KeyPair name format used for the account.