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What's New in SolarWinds SAM

SAM 6.5 expands your ability to leverage the cloud further by adding support for Microsoft Azure accounts in addition to Amazon AWS accounts. Now you can use Azure or AWS accounts, or a mixture of both.

To support hybrid environments, the Orion Platform can retrieve data from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud service platforms for cloud instances and VMs that can be used to track availability, performance, applications, and more. Examples of data gathered include status, storage capacity, memory usage, and IP addresses.

After collecting status and metrics from cloud services, the Orion Platform compiles data to:

  • Display a consolidated view of cloud, hybrid, and on-premises systems in the Orion Web Console.
  • Monitor and manage an entire infrastructure with Orion Platform tools.
  • Track the overall health of a system, as well as individual resources, for auditing purposes.

PerfStack 2.0 — New features and improvements

  • Navigate directly from Application Detail pages to predefined sets of application monitor metrics
  • Links from VMs and Host Details populate the PerfStack palette
  • Zoom into PerfStack charts to view more details for a selected time period
  • Alert visualization improvements
    • Each individual alert start/end time is now visualized separately in PerfStack
    • Existing aggregate alert visualization against an object is retained
  • Export PerfStack data to Excel
  • Share PerfStack functionality to make it more discoverable with new Share button

New Orion Installer

  • Install and upgrade one or more Orion Platform products simultaneously
  • Modern interface with a simplified design and intuitive workflow
  • Download and install only what is needed
  • Reduces download size and accelerates installation

Other improvements

  • Add database wait time and metric data from Database Performance Analyzer (DPA) to any Orion PerfStack chart, allowing you to mix and match data from applications, networks, and infrastructure with wait time performance metrics
  • Linux Agent for ARM-based devices such as Raspberry Pi
  • New SAM templates for Microsoft products
  • Search integrated into global navigation
  • Improved dashboard view customization and Manage Nodes page
  • Support for High Availability (HA) 2.0 including multi-subnet deployments (WAN/DR)