Using Web Console Tabs

In the case of a basic SolarWinds SAM installation, the SolarWinds Web Console displays the following tabs:


The Home tab provides a menu bar of links to views aiding you in general network management and monitoring. Information, like events and Top 10 lists, and technologies, like alerts, used to generate the views linked from the Home menu are generally available to all SolarWinds modules. By default, the Orion Summary Home view displays when you click Home from any view in the web console.


If you are viewing the SolarWinds Web Console on a server on which SolarWinds SAM is installed, the Applications tab opens a menu of default views for some of the many different types of applications SolarWinds SAM can monitor. The SAM Summary view displays by default when you click Home from any web console view.


The Virtualization tab provides access to specific views and resources that are tailored for monitoring virtual devices.