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Users By Percent Mailbox Quota Used

This resource shows metrics based on the percentage of a user's mailbox quota used. The data can be sorted by clicking the headers of each column.

Hovering over any user in the User Name list will display detailed information about that user's mailbox in the tooltip. Clicking any database in the Database column will take you to the Database Details page for that database.

If there are no user mailboxes or mailbox quotas are not in use on a given database, this resources will disappear from the Mailbox Database Details page. If there are no user mailboxes or mailbox quotas are not in use in any of the active databases on an Exchange server, this resource will disappear from the Application Details page. User mailbox information is collected only once a day after midnight, local time.

The following list defines each column of this resource:

  • User Name: Name of the listed user.
  • % Quota Used: Graphically and numerically shows the percentage used of the listed mailbox.
  • Mailbox Size: Total size of the listed mailbox that is currently being used by the user.
  • Attachment Size: This is the total size of all emails that have an attachment. This includes the body of the email as well as any attachments.
  • Attachment Count: This is the number of emails that have at least one attachment.
  • Last Accessed: Displays the time and date the listed mailbox was last accessed by the user.
  • Database: This is the database that contains the listed user's mailbox.

For more information, see Attachment extensions acknowledged by AppInsight for Exchange.