Schedule tasks to be stopped using the Unmanage Scheduling utility

The Unmanage Scheduling Utility can be found by clicking Start > SolarWinds Orion > Advanced Features > Unmanage Scheduling Utility.

Schedule tasks to be stopped

  1. Select either New Task or open an existing task by clicking Edit Task, then click Add Items.
  2. Click on the Web tab and select the items you want to schedule to be stopped by checking the check box next to the item name.
  3. Click Add, then select the length of time you would like the selected item to be stopped.
  4. Click OK. Optionally, click Save Task to save your selections.

View the schedule details of a selected item

  1. Check the item and its details will appear in the Task Item Properties pane.
  2. You can change the settings of the item's schedule by selecting an item and clicking Set Duration.
  3. You can delete an item from the unmanage schedule by selecting it and clicking Delete Checked Items.

It is possible to create a conflict of schedules if you choose the same item to be stopped using both the web console and the Unmanage Scheduling Utility with different durations.