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Understand the AppStack resource

The full AppStack Environment view is designed to provide you with a powerful layer of troubleshooting visibility by exposing all participating objects in your environment, as well as their relationships to one another. By comparison, the AppStack resource only displays objects related to the target of the current Details page.

The AppStack environment supports only server and virtual server node types.

  • If no relations are shown in the AppStack resource on the Group Details view, then it is likely that this group contains no objects represented within the AppStack.
  • If you have created a group that contains only objects without representation within the AppStack environment (such as switches, routers, wireless access points, and interfaces), the group will be the only item displayed within the AppStack resource.

In essence, this resource displays the related objects you would see in the full AppStack Environment view after an object had been selected and then highlighted by clicking, Spotlight.

For more information, see Monitor your environment using AppStack.