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Understand the AppInsight for IIS Details View

The AppInsight for IIS Details view is the equivalent of the Application Details view of a traditional SAM application; however, there are some notable differences:

  • Site Details View: This view displays an overview of a particular site being monitored.
  • Application Pool Details View: This view displays details about the selected application pool.

From the AppInsight for IIS Details view, you can select from the drop down menu and choose to display different amounts of data based on a time range.

Editing Resources

Both the titles and subtitles of each resource can be changed by clicking Edit in the upper right-hand corner of any resource, and then clicking Submit.

Additionally, certain resources will allow you to add and remove component monitors from the resource. You can do this by clicking the Edit button, and then checking the component monitors you want to keep.

Pertinent data for each resource is grouped together by default.