Troubleshooting Server Push Deployment

Following is a list of possible server push deployment errors with their respective resolutions:

  • Credential test for deployment fails:
    • Ensure that the used account can access the following folder: \\<hostname_or_ip>\admin$\temp. Also ensure that a folder can be created at that location.
    • Ensure that Remote Procedure Call (RPC), a Windows service, is running
    • Ensure the required ports are open
    • If you are using a domain account, use the complete name when entering credentials. For example: "Domain\Username"
  • Agent deployment fails:
    • Ensure there are no other installations in progress. For example, Windows updates and installations prevents other installations from finishing successfully. If this is the case, retry agent installation when other installations have completed.
    • On the target machine, check if the SolarWinds Agent service is installed and running. If it is, the agent may be experiencing connectivity issues with the Orion server. Ping the Orion server from the client machine and ensure that port 17778 is open on the Orion server. (Note: This is not required for passive agents. You should verify the Orion server can ping the host where the agent is installed.) Also check that the client machine can connect to the Orion server web interface. (Note: This is not required for passive agents. In this case, the Orion server should be able to access the appropriate agent port.)
    • If possible, try to install the agent manually on the target machine, ensuring that permissions are set correctly.
      Note: Agent deployment failure can also occur if a previous installation or upgrade is awaiting a reboot. To resolve this issue you will need to reboot the server before the installation of the agent can proceed on that machine.