Troubleshooting Mass Deployment

Following is a list of possible errors with their respective resolutions:

  • Agent deployment fails:
    • On the target computer, check if the SolarWinds Agent service is installed and running. If it is, the agent may be experiencing connectivity issues with the Orion server. Ping the Orion server from the client machine and ensure that port 17778 is open on the Orion server.
      (Note: This is not required for passive agents. Verify the Orion server can ping the host where the agent is installed.)
    • Also check that the client machine can connect to the Orion Server's web interface.
      (Note: This is not required for passive agents. The Orion server should be able to access the appropriate agent port.)
    • If possible, try to install the agent manually on the target machine, ensuring that permissions are set correctly.
    • If a host name or Fully Qualified Domain Name was used, ensure that it can be resolved from the client computer.
    • For Active mode, if the Orion server or the additional poller is behind a NAT, ensure that the IP address specified in the creation of the MST file is the correctly routed IP address the client would use to access the Orion server. For Passive mode, the Orion server must be able to resolve the endpoints DNS name if one was used to managed the host.

For more information, see Monitor with Orion agents in SAM.