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Transaction Log Size by File

This resource lists the current status of transaction log files as sorted by size. Hovering the mouse over a listed percentage reveals a tooltip with detailed information about the item listed. Clicking the percentage takes you to the Database Details page. If the Warning or Critical thresholds is breached, the color of the bar chart changes from green to yellow or red, respectively.

  • File Path: Displays the complete file path of the listed transaction log.
  • Auto-Growth: Displays the current Auto-growth setting.
  • File Size: Displays the current size of the listed transaction log.
  • Database Usage: This resource displays the amount of space consumed as a percentage of whatever restrictions are in place for the file. For example:
    • If the transaction log is allowed to grow unrestricted, then it is limited only by the amount of free space on the volume.
    • If the transaction log is allowed to grow to a maximum size, the percentage is calculated based on this restricted size limit.
    • If the transaction log has a fixed size, the percentage used is calculated based on the total size of the transaction log file and the amount of remaining white space.
  • Volume Usage: Displays the amount of space the listed file is consuming on the volume where it is located.

The performance counter, Database Files, is used to provide metrics for this resource. This counter is not listed in the resource; however, the thresholds can be changed.

Change thresholds for the Database Files performance counter

  1. From the Database Details view, locate the Database Files resource and click Edit in the Management field.
  2. Locate the Database Files performance counter and click [+] to expand the counter and reveal the counter details.
  3. Click Override Template and adjust the thresholds to suit your needs.
  4. When done, click Submit.