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Top XX Components by Response Time

The Top XX Components by Response Time resource displays the port monitors in your environment with the longest response time. You can use this resource to display monitors and nodes with slow connectivity or performance issues. The resource can display a configurable amount of the top port monitors with the long response time.

For this resource, you should be aware of the following data values:

  • This resource only displays the following port monitors providing response time values: DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, and TCP port monitors.
  • The percentage does not determine the health color in the case of response time. The bar remains green.
  • One hundred percent (100%) equals 2500ms.

To further modify the resource:

  • You can modify the amount of displayed components through the Edit options. The amount you enter is the maximum number of components to display. For example, if you set the maximum to 10, you may have any amount from 1 to 10 display. The higher the number, the longer the resource will display when filled.

    Removing the variable XX from the title removes dynamic inclusion of the defined maximum number of monitors from the resource title. The Orion Web Console replaces the XX with a number of monitors displayed such as 25 or 10.

  • The title includes an XX variable, displaying the maximum amount value in the title.

    If you edit the title removing the XX, the maximum amount will not display.

  • Using SQL queries, you can further filter the reporting port monitors based on the longest response time.