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SQL Server Query

This template assesses the performance of a Microsoft SQL Server database by retrieving performance data from the built-in master.sysperfinfo pseudo-table. 



This template only works for Microsoft SQL Server instances on the default port 1433. To monitor SQL Server instances on a different port, you must convert the SQL Server User Experience monitors in this template to ODBC User Experience monitors, and use an appropriate connection string that matches the custom port number.


SQL Server user name and password.

Monitored Components

For details on monitors, see SAM Component Monitor Types.

  • Buffer cache hit ratio
  • Lazy writes/sec
  • Lock Wait Time (ms)
  • Local Waits/sec
  • Logins/sec
  • Page Life Expectancy
  • Page reads/sec
  • Page writes/sec
  • Target Server Memory %
  • Total Server Memory (KB)
  • User Connections