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SNMP monitor

This component monitor uses the SNMP protocol to retrieve an entry in a Management Information Base (MIB) by its Object Identifier (OID), and returns the value of the entry as a statistic. You can also use the Orion agent for Linux to monitor SNMP.


Value of the entry retrieved from the MIB.

Prerequisites for Orion agent for Linux

If using Orion agent for Linux for monitoring, you may need to complete additional configurations. If using SNMP v2, the Orion agent for Linux automatically configures SNMP. If using SNMP v3, see SNMP for agents.

Field Descriptions


This field provides a default description of the monitor. You have the ability to override the default description by adding to or replacing the text, which is automatically saved. The variable to access this field is ${UserDescription}.

Component Type

Describes how the component monitor works.

Enable Component

Determines whether the component is enabled. Disabling the component leaves it in the application in a deactivated state not influencing either SolarWinds SAM application availability or status.

Method Type

Get - A manager-to-agent request to retrieve the value of a variable or list of variables. Desired variables are specified in variable bindings (values are not used). Retrieval of the specified variable values is to be done as an atomic operation by the agent. A Response with current values is returned.

Get Next - A manager-to-agent request to discover available variables and their values. Returns a Response with variable binding for the lexicographically next variable in the MIB. The entire MIB of an agent can be walked by iterative application of GetNextRequest starting at OID 0. Rows of a table can be read by specifying column OIDs in the variable bindings of the request.

Object Identifier (OID)

Specify the OID of the entry in the MIB you want to retrieve.

Custom SNMP port

This field is the port number of the custom SNMP port. Set this field to 0 to use the default SNMP port defined in the Node’s properties.

Count Statistic as Difference

Changes the statistic to be the difference in query values between polling cycles.

Convert Value

Checking the Convert Value check box opens the Formula box. From here, you have the ability to manipulate the returned value with a variety of mathematical possibilities. You can choose common functions from the drop down lists to manipulate the returned value, or you can select the Custom Conversion option. See setting Conversion value for more information.

Statistic Threshold

This field allows you to specify when a threshold that indicates a warning or critical level has been breached. Logical operators are in the drop down followed by a blank field for you to enter the value of this threshold. For example: Less than 15 for warning, Less than 5 for critical. See setting Application Monitor Thresholds for more information.

User Notes

This field allows you to add notes for easy reference. You can access this field by using the variable, ${UserNotes}.