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Script Macros

The following can be used with Windows, Linux/Unix, Nagios, and PowerShell Script Monitors:

Macro Description

Current IP address


Current User


Current Password. (Supported only in Windows, Linux, and Nagios scripts)

${CREDENTIAL} Use in place of ${USER} and ${PASSWORD} when working with PowerShell Script Monitors

Current Port. (Supported only in Linux and Nagios scripts.)


System name of the node


User defined node name


DNS of the node


ID of the node


ID of the component


Name of the component


ID of the Application

Note: When passing ${Application.Id} into script arguments, the test will fail because the macro will not be replaced. Edit the script with constant string values and replace them with macros when the script is ready.


Name of the Application


Template ID of the Application


Threshold values for the Warning state


Threshold values for the Critical state