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Requirements for SolarWinds SAM

SolarWinds recommends installing SAM on one server and the Orion database on its own SQL Server. Installations of multiple SolarWinds SAM servers using the same database are not supported. SAM supports additional polling engines and additional web servers. For details, see Scalability Engine Guidelines (PDF).

Solarwinds does not support installing SAM on domain controllers.

Refer to Server & Application Monitor 6.5 recommended system requirements for SAM used as a single product installed on Orion Platform 2017.3. Requirements may increase for medium or large environments, or environments with multi-modules installed. See Orion multi-module system guidelines.

SAM technology requirements

Refer to the following sections for additional SAM technology requirements:

SNMP requirements for monitored devices

SolarWinds SAM can monitor the performance of any SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3 enabled device on your network. Consult your device documentation or a technical representative of your device manufacturer to acquire specific instructions for configuring SNMP on your device.