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Real-Time Process Explorer

Why is this taking so long?

If the Real-Time Process Explorer (RTPE) is forced to poll process information from Windows via SNMP, the CPU load refresh ratio becomes degraded. The information obtained via SNMP can be delayed for up to two minutes because multiple polls are attempting to synchronize the information received. For better RTPE response times, use WMI instead of SNMP for monitoring Windows machines.

WMI is used when:

  • The target node is of the WMI type. (See Polling Details/Polling Method on the Node Details page); or,
  • The target node has assigned a successfully polled component from which Windows credentials can be detected.

Components with a current status Up, Warning, or Critical are considered as being successfully polled. Components of following types are used for Windows credential detection:

  • Process Monitor - WMI,
  • Windows Service Monitor
  • WMI Monitor