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Promoting a Node from ICMP to SNMP Monitoring

Before you begin:

  • If you have defined any custom properties for monitored nodes, you need to provide appropriate values for the promoted node in the Custom Properties.
  • If you plan to use SNMPv3 to monitor the promoted node, you need to provide the following SNMPv3 credential settings:
    • SNMPv3 User name and Context
    • SNMPv3 Authentication Method and Password/Key
    • SNMPv3 Privacy/Encryption Method and Password/Key
      Note: Read/Write SNMPv3 Credentials are optional, but the public Community String is required

Promoting the Node:

  1. From the Web Console, navigate to Settings > Manage Nodes.
  2. Check the node you want to promote, click Edit Properties, and then select Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP.
  3. Select the SNMP Version for the promoted node. SolarWinds uses SNMPv2c by default.
  4. Enter the appropriate credentials, then click Validate SNMP to confirm your SNMP settings. When done, click Submit, then click OK.