Monitor hardware health

Only SAM administrators can enable hardware health monitoring.

SAM monitors hardware by polling nodes and utilizing the Hardware Monitoring Agent software provided by the hardware manufacturer. SAM can monitor hardware from VMware hosts, HP ProLiant, Dell PowerEdge, and the IBM X-Series using this software, which can be found using the links below:

For additional information and software links, see the KB article on Latest required software used to monitor hardware health.

SAM can also monitor the health of the following Server Blade Chassis without the need for additional software:

  • HP C7000
  • HP C3000
  • Dell M1000e

Hardware monitoring is achieved by polling via SNMP or WMI, depending upon the node. For SNMP and WMI nodes, hardware monitoring must be enabled manually through SAM's web console.

If you run a scheduled Network Sonar Discovery of your existing servers, SAM automatically collects any servers that support hardware health information the next time the discovery runs.

Monitoring your hardware's health does not count against your allotted licenses.