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Min/Max Average Response Time

The Min/Max Average Response Time chart provides an at-a-glance overview of minimum, maximum, and average response time for DNS, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IMAP4, NNTP, POP3, SMTP, and TCP port components.

Click Edit to modify the following parameters:

  • Select the desired component from the Select Component list:
  • Distributed Transaction Coordinator
  • Network Connections
  • Protected Storage
  • Remote Registry
  • Total Available Memory (MBytes)
  • Page File Usage
  • Disk Queue Length
  • Virtual Memory

If the selected component is not applicable or unavailable, no chart is displayed in the view.

  • Title of the chart
  • Time period, from last 5 minutes to last 12 months
  • Time interval, which adjusts the x axis

Click the title of the chart to further customize the chart or display raw data.

Ensure you adjust your polling frequency to less than the interval you want displayed in charts. Not adjusting your polling frequency will result in gaps in your charts.