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MAPI User Experience monitor

This component monitor sends an email from your SMTP mail server to your Microsoft Exchange Server Mailbox and measures the time it takes to complete the trip. You can use this component monitor to monitor the performance of Outlook. This response time is measured in milliseconds.

The Exchange Server computer uses port 135 for client connections to the RPC endpoint mapper service. After a client connects to a socket, the Exchange Server computer allocates the client two random ports to use to communicate with the directory and the information store.

For a complete list of network ports used by Microsoft Server Products, refer to the following article:

Install the MAPI client on your SolarWinds SAM server

This component monitor requires you to install the Microsoft Exchange Server MAPI Client and Collaboration Data Objects on your SolarWinds SAM server. You can download the MAPI Client from: The Microsoft Download Center.


This component monitor does not compute a statistic. The response time is the difference between the time SolarWinds SAM sends the email and the time it is received by the recipient.

How the template works

  1. This component monitor waits for the email to arrive based on the default job timeout of 20 minutes. If the email does not arrive within this period, SolarWinds SAM marks the monitor as down.
  2. The monitor goes through the following steps with respect to the mail flow:
    1. Sends an email to the user mailbox via SMTP. The email has a unique temporary subject name that starts with APM_prefix.
    2. Connects to the user mailbox through MAPI, then searches the emails by Subject.
    3. If it does not find the email it is looking for, it waits and then searches again. It stops when: it finds the email, the timeout is reached, or the maximum number of attempts is reached.
    4. Once it finds the email, the monitor deletes it from the user inbox.
    5. The monitor collects the total round trip time for the email and compares it with the thresholds set.
    6. Once it knows the round trip time, status is given according to where it falls with regard to the thresholds set.
      If the email is not found within the timeout or the maximum number of attempts, or SMTP or MAPI reported an error, SolarWinds SAM marks the monitor as Down.
  3. Emails the monitor sends are deleted from user inboxes, but only if the monitor successfully connected via MAPI. If the SMTP call succeeded, but MAPI failed, the email remains in the user inbox.
  4. It is not currently possible to use the monitor without SMTP and send the email from the same server the monitor is running on via MAPI.

Field Descriptions


This field provides a default description of the monitor. You have the ability to override the default description by adding to or replacing the text, which is automatically saved. The variable to access this field is ${UserDescription}.

Enable Component

Determines whether the component is enabled. Disabling the component leaves it in the application in a deactivated state not influencing either SolarWinds SAM application availability or status.

Credential for Monitoring

Select a credential that is both a user who can log on to the SolarWinds SAM server, and that has an Exchange account on the MAPI server. If the credential you need is not already present in the credentials list, use the Quick Credentials section to add a new credential. Credentials used for this monitor should be the user for whom the mailbox will be monitored.

Send Email From

This field allows you to specify the From address of the test email message.

Send Email To

This field allows you to specify the recipient of the test email message. The recipient should have a mailbox on the MAPI server you are monitoring.

MAPI Profile Name

Allows you to specify the name of the MAPI profile

SMTP Server

This field allows you to specify the SMTP server that sends the test email message.


This field is the port number used for SMTP sessions. The default value is 25.

Use Credentials for SMTP

This check box allows you to use the user name and password from Credentials for Monitoring to connect to SMTP servers that support or require authentication.

SMTP Encryption

This list allows you to select an encryption protocol to connect to SMTP servers that support SSL or TLS encryption.

Response Time Threshold

This field allows you to set the warning or critical threshold conditions based on the response time. The response time is the time in milliseconds it takes SolarWinds SAM to determine that a component is not Down and to retrieve any statistical data. See setting Application Monitor Thresholds for more information.

User Notes

This field allows you to add notes for easy reference. You can access this field by using the variable, ${UserNotes}.