This resource contains controls that are actionable for both the application and the node. The controls in the following illustration are SAM-specific.


  • Edit Application Monitor: This allows you to edit the current application by changing the settings specifically related to this application. This includes, but is not limited to: changing the polling frequency, changing the Windows and PowerShell URLs, changing the IIS Server credentials, and adjusting threshold settings for component monitors that have thresholds.
    Note: Changing some settings may require you to override the template that this application is based upon. To do this, click Override Template.

  • Unmanage: Allows you to stop the polling and collecting of statistics of the current application for a user-defined period of time.
  • Poll Now: Allows the application to retrieve the most current statistics when clicked.
    Note: By default, statistics are not polled when Poll Now is clicked.


  • Real-Time Process Explorer: Opens the Real-Time Process Explorer in a new window. For more information, see Real-Time Process Explorer.
  • Service Control Manager: Opens the Service Control Manager in a new window. For more information, see Service Control Manager.
  • Real-Time Event Viewer: Opens the Real-Time Event Viewer in a new window. For more information, see Real-Time Event Log Viewer.