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Manage Application Monitor templates page

The Manage Application Monitor Templates page provides options for creating and managing your application monitor templates and assigned application monitors. To access the page, click Settings > All Settings > SAM Settings > Manage Templates.

The page includes the following options. For more information, see Manage application monitor templates and component monitors.

Create New Template

Begins the creation of a new application template.

Assign to Group

Allows you to assign and unassign application templates to groups. Note: AppInsight applications cannot be assigned to groups.

Assign to Node

Allows you to assign selected templates to monitored nodes.

Application Discovery

Takes you to the Application Discovery page, where you can select nodes to scan for the applications you want to monitor.


Allows you to edit the selected template.


Allows you to edit the tags (descriptive labels) for the selected template.


Allows you to copy the selected templates.



Allows you to import application templates created on other instances of SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor or by contributors from the customer community, thwack (

Export to THWACK

Allows you to export selected application templates for use by others within the customer community, THWACK (

Export as File

Allows you to export selected application templates to files for use on other instances of SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor.

Assign Details View

Allows you to specify whether each application details view uses the generic application details view or a custom details view.


Allows you to delete selected application templates.