Getting Started > Prepare and install SAM

Prepare and install SAM

To plan, install, and configure your SAM product and environment, refer to the SAM Getting Started Guide. the following topics can prepare and walk you through the process:

  1. Plan for a production deployment
  2. Prepare the Orion SQL Server database
  3. Install a licensed copy of SolarWinds SAM
  4. Configure the Orion server and database
  5. Orion multi-module system guidelines

    These guidelines help you plan and build a multi-module environment for SAM and other Orion and SolarWinds products. These may include additional databases, such as the Flow Storage Database for NTA.

The order for your product installation is first the main polling engine, next all additional polling engines, and finally the additional web server. Depending on the version of SAM, you may have a bundle installer or Orion Scalability Engine Installer to download and run.

The installation for SAM requires a minimum of 9GB of available disk space. Verify your system supports the latest version of SAM through the system requirements.

For SAM 6.3 and later, you will use the Orion Scalability Engine Installer for APE and AWS servers:

  1. Install your modules on the Main Poller. When complete, you will need to upgrade your additional polling engines and additional web servers.
  2. Download this installer through the Orion Web Console.
    • For the APE installer, click Settings > All Settings > Polling Engines.
    • For the AWS installer, click Settings > All Settings > Web Console Settings.
  3. Copy the installer to your APE or AWS.
  4. Run the appropriate installer on your APE and AWS. This single installer will upgrade all Orion modules on each of these servers. If you are upgrading one or more modules, all modules are upgraded!

If you encounter issues, use our Success Center to search for errors and troubleshoot the issues.

Orion Web Console access

With the product installed or upgraded, access SAM through the Orion Web Console:

  1. Launch the Orion Web Console using either of the following methods:
    • Start Orion Web Console in your SolarWinds Orion program folder.
    • Launch a browser and enter http://ip_address or http://hostname, where ip_address is the IP address of your Orion server, or where hostname is the domain name of your Orion server.
  2. Enter the user name and password, and click Login.