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SAM installation overview

For SAM 6.5 or later, use the SolarWinds Orion Installer.

For SAM 6.4, see the SolarWinds SAM Installation Guide available on the SAM Documentation page in the SolarWinds Success Center.

Before installation, review the system requirements, port requirements, and preflight installation checklist.

Stand-alone installation

For a stand-alone installation, install SAM on a dedicated server. This installation assumes that no other Orion Platform products are installed on the target server.

Integrated with the Orion Platform

SAM supports an integrated installation into an existing Orion Platform. Check if existing products need to be upgraded and then install SAM on the Orion server connected to the separate Orion SQL database server.

Evaluation installation

SAM supports an evaluation installation with a 30-day trial period that provides access to all features. To continue with a full product license, contact SolarWinds Sales.

SolarWinds High Availability

SAM also supports SolarWinds High Availability that offers these key features:

  • Automated, rapid failover ensures monitoring and data collection continuity.
  • Instant notification and alerting are independent of the SolarWinds alerting service, so you’ll receive alerts even if the SolarWinds Orion server is down.
  • Customizable failover rules can be set up to trigger failover based on application, system, process, and service health thresholds.
  • With easy installation and configuration, High Availability is fully integrated into the SolarWinds Orion platform and is licensed per-pool.

To deploy HA, set up a secondary server, activate the license, and create a pool. (See Install SAM with High Availability during SAM.) If you evaluate HA, you can create an unlimited number of pools. After 30 days, apply a license key to convert the evaluation to a permanent license.


The following terms provide context for the architecture and components of SolarWinds products.

Additional Polling Engine (APE)

To scale polling and monitoring in larger environments, you can add APEs or stackable polling engines to monitor hundreds of thousands of elements, and poll across multiple pollers and locations to improve performance. See the Scalability Engine Guidelines for SolarWinds Orion Products.

Additional Web Server (AWS)

To expand access to the Orion Web Console in larger environments, you can add an additional web server (AWS) so users can access the Orion Web Console remotely, from a location other than your primary Orion server. See Use an Additional Web Server.

High Availability (HA)

HA protects your environment from server crashes, outages, and database issues. Server pairs in HA pools provide automatic failover to a backup server for the main Orion server and additional polling engines. Each server pair can be easily updated with new products and hotfixes using the Scalability Engine Installer via the Orion Web Console.

Orion Web Console

The Orion Web Console is the web interface where you can access SAM, Orion modules, and other SolarWinds products. The web interface provides customizable views, configuration options, and monitored metrics in a single location.