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IIS Average Network Traffic

This resource graphically details the history of IIS network traffic. Hovering over any time period within the chart displays detailed information about that time period in the tooltip. The colors of the main chart correspond to the labels in the legend. You can choose which data to display by using the check boxes in the legend.

The columns for this resource are defined as follows:

  • Traffic Source: Lists the sources of network traffic that is displayed in the chart. Non-IIS Processes and Services are those resources consumed by other applications running on the server that are not associated with IIS.
  • Latest Network Traffic: Displays the network traffic rate for the listed source in kilobytes per second.


You can have the chart show a predetermined time period of data by clicking on any one of the three Zoom buttons in the head of the Zoom column. Alternatively, you can have the chart show a specific date range by dragging the mouse over an area of the chart or manipulating the sliders of the lower chart.