Graphics and Audio

This resource provides detailed information about the current graphics and audio devices associated with the node.

In systems that contain multiple video cards or monitors, only the first of each will be displayed in the Graphics and Audio resource for that node.

  • Name: Displays field information about the listed graphics/audio device.
    • Monitor Manufacturer – Displays the manufacturer of the current monitor.
    • Monitor Model Number – Displays the model number of the current monitor.
    • Monitor Resolution – Displays the current resolution of the current monitor.
    • Video Card – Displays details about the listed video card.
    • Video Chipset – Displays the current video chipset information for the listed device.
    • Video Memory - Displays the amount of memory currently installed on the listed video card.
    • Sound Card – Displays details about the installed sound card.
  • Details: Displays details about the current device.