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SAM Glossary of Terms

Component Monitor – A component monitor is the fundamental element of an application. Component monitors return the current status or value of a monitored service or process. All component monitors return at least one value or one status condition.

Node - A node is considered to be any endpoint of a given network. For example, any server or computer on a network is considered a node. Sometimes a node is referred to as a device.

Application - An application in SolarWinds SAM is a collection of component monitors.

Template - A template is the blueprint for an application. It is a collection of component monitors designed to monitor a server or application. You can customize numerous templates using only the component monitors you need for a specific environment.

The type of information returned by the component monitor is based upon the type of monitor being utilized. For example, one type of monitor can report the up or down status of a service or process, another monitor can return the percentage of free space of a volume. Another type of component monitor can return up to ten values. Each monitor type, along with its parameters and returned values and/or states, is unique.

Each node, along with its applications and component monitors, can be viewed from the SolarWinds SAM web console. The view can be customized to suit your needs.