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Exchange 2007 — 2016

These templates allow you to monitor all necessary counters and services for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2013.

Some existing SAM templates were updated to support the latest product versions, such as the Active Directory 2016 Domain Controller Security template that was updated for Windows Server 2016. This will not impact templates that are already assigned but SolarWinds recommends updating to the latest template versions.

Basic versus Advanced Templates

These templates are divided into two categories:

  • Basic Services and Performance Counters
  • Advanced

The templates in the Basic Services and Performance Counters category contain templates with basic counters and services for monitoring both versions of Exchange: Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010. These templates should work out of the box. Counters in this category have well documented thresholds and do not require any additional configuration.

The templates in the Advanced category contain other performance and statistics counters. You can use these templates in addition to the basic templates if the information from the basic templates is not sufficient to monitor the server. The advanced templates are provided for a specific Exchange version, as indicated by the template name. For example, the Exchange 2007 Mailbox Role Counters (Advanced) template applies to Exchange 2007 only. Some of the counters will require manual configuration, such as specific instances, correcting thresholds for your environment, and so forth.

There is also the Exchange 2007-2010 Common Performance Counters template. This template contains general counters (CPU usage, available memory, LDAP times, and so forth) that can be used in all server roles. This template will require manual configuration similar to that required by the advanced templates.

Typical Usage Scenario

Assume that you need to monitor an Exchange 2010 installation with Mailbox Role.

First you should apply the Exchange 2007-2010 Mailbox Role Services and Counters (Basic) template. As a result, you will have the statuses for critical Exchange services (up or down) and information from general performance counters for this role. If you need system level general performance counters (CPU usage, available memory, and so forth) you can also apply the Exchange 2007-2010 Common Performance Counters template, but you will need to correct some counters manually according to your - environment.

If the information provided by the basic template is not enough, you need to additionally apply the Exchange 2010 Mailbox Role Counters (Advanced) template. After applying this template, you may need to modify some thresholds and instances according to your environment. Then you should receive full performance and statistics information for this Exchange role.