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DNS User Experience monitor

This component monitor tests a DNS server's ability to respond to a record query, compares the query response against a list of IP addresses, and measures the response time. The component monitor passes if the DNS response matches the expected IP addresses.

The DNS Monitor measures the time it takes the DNS “get" for the record query referenced in the component monitor to load. This response time is measured in milliseconds.


This component monitor does not compute a statistic.

Orion agent for Linux requirements

This monitor performs both direction name resolution queries assuming that agent machine acts as DNS server (i.e. queries are issued against loopback IP address). Implementation relies on installing a python library available from For details, see Linux system configurations for component monitors.

Field Descriptions


This field provides a default description of the monitor. You have the ability to override the default description by adding to or replacing the text, which is automatically saved. The variable to access this field is ${UserDescription}.

Enable Component

Determines whether the component is enabled. Disabling the component leaves it in the application in a deactivated state not influencing either SolarWinds SAM application availability or status.

Port Number

The port used for DNS queries. The default value is 53.


The protocol to use for the DNS query: none, TCP, or UDP.

Name (IP Address) To Resolve

The fully-qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address to use for the DNS query. If you specify an IP address, the query result should be a FQDN. If you specify a FQDN, the query result should be one or more IP addresses.

Expected DNS Query Results

The IP addresses or FQDN you expect to result from the DNS query. Type each entry on a new line. If you do not care about the DNS query result, you can type the asterisk (*) as a wildcard character that successfully matches any DNS query result.

Expect All Matches

Specifies that the result of the DNS query must include all expected entries to be considered a successful test. If this check box is not checked, a single match indicates a successful test.

Response Time Threshold

This field allows you to set the warning and critical threshold conditions based on the response time. The response time is the time in milliseconds it takes SolarWinds SAM to determine that a component is not Down and to retrieve any statistical data. See setting Application Monitor Thresholds for more information.

User Notes

This field allows you to add notes for easy reference. You can access this field by using the variable, ${UserNotes}. For more information, see "Configuring SolarWinds SAM Alerts"