Database Maintenance

The amount of data collected in the database is dependent upon the size of the data collected as well as the number of applications and component monitors you define.

Due to the volume of data collected, detailed statistics are stored in hourly averages after a specified time period (7 days, by default). Hourly statistics are compressed into daily statistics after a number of days (30 days, by default). Detailed statistics retention is based on the individual polling intervals for each component monitor. These settings allow you to set a length of time after which SolarWinds SAM purges data from the database.

Note: Before modifying your database settings, consider noting your database size and amount of data collection for a week. When the week is complete, recheck your database size. This should help you forecast and plan for an appropriate data compression and retention period.

Setting the Three Statistic Retention Intervals:

  1. From the web console, navigate to Settings > SAM Settings > Data and Database SettingsSettings > All Settings > All Server and Application Settings > SAM Settings > Data and Database Settings.

  2. Specify the appropriate values for the SolarWinds SAM data retention settings, and then click Next.

Polling Engine Mode

The option to change Polling Engine Modes has been removed for SAM 5.5 and higher. For more information, see