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Customize Chart

Clicking on a chart opens the Custom Chart page providing the following options:


Allows you to refresh the currently displayed chart using your updated values.

Raw Data

Exports the values on which the chart is based as a comma separated value (CSV) document. You can read this exported file with any text reader or reformat it with a spreadsheet program. Raw data exports reflect any modification to the date‑time period and sample intervals.

Chart Titles

Allows you to enter a custom title, subtitle, and secondary subtitle. Clearing these fields returns the default title, subtitle, and secondary subtitle.

Time Period

Allows you to select from a list of common time periods for the x axis of the chart. If you select Custom, you can enter a date‑time stamp in the following format.

Beginning Date/Time and Ending Date/Time

If you select Custom for the time period, you can enter your own beginning and ending date‑time stamps for the chart. This can help you isolate points of interest in your data store. Enter date‑time values in the following syntax: mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm. For example, to designate the time period from 9am to 11pm on the 27th of December, type 12/27/2007 09:00 as the beginning date‑time and 12/27/2007 23:00 as the ending date‑time.

The following syntaxes are all valid for entering date-time values:

  • m/dd/yyyy (1/8/2008)
  • dd-mmm-yy (08-Jan-08)
  • hh:mm AM|PM (11:36 AM)
  • mm/dd/yyyy  hh:mm:ss AM|PM (01/08/2008 11:36:22 AM)
  • mmm dd, yyyy hh:mm (Jan 08, 2008 11:36)

Note: SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor displays charts using the locale settings of the accessing browser.

Sample Interval

Allows you to change the sample period on the x axis of the chart from every 5 minutes to once a day.

Note: Due to memory allocation limits, charts may not display if the time period is too long and the sample interval is too short.

Chart Size

Allows you to configure the pixel width and height of the chart. You can maintain the same height while changing the chart width by entering a new width and entering 0 for the height.

Font Size

Allows you to choose the font size to use for the chart. (Available only for certain charts.)

Trend Line

Allows you to choose whether or not to display a trend line. (Available only for certain charts.)