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Custom Table

The Custom Table resource allows you to easily view data that can be customized to suit your needs. To customize it, click Edit in the upper right-hand corner of the resource.

Edit the Custom Table resource

Once in Edit mode, You can select and adjust the following options for this resource:

  • Title and subtitle: Used to change the labels of the Title and Subtitle.
  • Datasource: This lets you to create queries and add conditions. When you add a condition, you have the option to add a field or use pre-existing fields. Your choices are reflected in the Custom Table resource once it has been updated.
  • Time Period: Select the time period for data to be displayed in the resource.
  • Table Layout: Once a Datasource is selected, you can add columns and then arrange them by dragging them into position. Clicking [X] deletes the column from view.
  • Sort Results: Allows you to choose how the data is sorted and displayed.
  • Group Results: Allows you to choose how the data is grouped.
  • Filter Results: Allows you to choose how many records are displayed based on either a set number or a percentage.