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Custom Query resource

The Custom Query resource allows you to create a custom resource based on a SolarWinds Query Language (SWQL) query. The query provided in this resource is run against your SolarWinds database, and the results are displayed in an appropriate grid.

Clicking Edit allows you to configure your Custom Query resource, as indicated in the following procedure.

Configure the Custom Query resource

  1. Click Edit in the Custom Query resource.
  2. Provide an appropriate Title.
  3. Provide an appropriate Subtitle.
  4. Enter your custom SWQL query in the Custom SWQL Query field.
    • For more information about creating valid custom SWQL queries, see Trigger Conditions.
    • Do not end your custom SWQL query with a comment. Closing your query with a comment may comment out required query clauses that are automatically appended to your custom query to ensure full resource functionality in the web console. 
  5. Designate the Number of Rows Per Page in the resource.
    Note: If your query returns a large number of objects, you can decrease the load on your SolarWinds server by breaking your results into pages. This setting indicates the number of objects the web console should display in the resource at any given time.
  6. Click Submit.