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Custom Chart

The Custom Chart resource allows you to easily view data based on your needs. To customize it, click Edit in the upper right corner of the resource.

From the Edit page, you can define the titles, datasource, time period, labels, units displayed, the type of chart to be used, and an optional sum of the data.

Customize the chart

  1. After adding this resource to a page, click Edit.
  2. Enter a Title and optional Subtitle.
  3. Select a datasource by clicking Select Datasource.
  4. Select a time period for the data from the Time Period drop down list.
  5. Enter a label for the left Y axis.
  6. Select the units to be displayed from the Units Displayed drop down list.
  7. Select the type of chart to be displayed from the Chart Type drop down list.
  8. Optionally choose to display the sum of the data by checking, Show the sum of all data.
  9. Clicking More allows you to customize further by optionally changing the Display Name, Color, showing the 95th percentile, and trend line.
  10. Optionally repeat Steps 5 - 9 for the Y axis on the right side of the chart.
  11. Select a Sample Interval from the drop down list.
  12. Optionally filter the results from the options provided.
  13. When done, click Submit.


You can have the chart show a predetermined time period of data by clicking on any one of the three Zoom buttons in the head of the Zoom column. Alternatively, you can have the chart show a specific date range by dragging the mouse over an area of the chart. The time and date displayed at the top of the resource shows the amount of data currently loaded into the chart. This can be changed by clicking Edit from within the resource.