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Credentials Library

If your components in an application monitor each need a separate credential, you cannot configure that from the Add New Application Monitor wizard. Instead, you must edit the application monitor after creating it, and configure the credentials of each component separately.

The Credentials Library page allows you to add, edit, and delete credentials for use with component monitors.

  • Click Add New Credentials to add a credential set.
  • Click Edit to edit the associated credential set.
  • Click Delete to delete the associated credential set. If you delete a credential set, ensure you update any monitors that were using the credentials to use a different credential set.

Credentials are tried several times over the course of a scan. If the credentials are incorrect, the account can become locked due to the amount of failures. To avoid potential account lockouts that affect actual users, we recommend you create and use service accounts. A service account is an account that is created specifically for the purpose of providing credentials to use for monitoring. With service accounts, no actual user is affected by an account lockout if a password should be entered incorrectly.