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Calculations & Thresholds

The following settings designate methods for calculating availability and transmission rate baselines, select the SolarWinds SAM node warning level and counter type, and indicate security preferences for community strings and other potentially sensitive information in the web console.

Availability Calculation (advanced)

This setting designates the type of calculation SolarWinds SAM performs to determine device availability. For more information, see Calculate node availability.

Baseline Calculation (advanced)

Upon startup, SolarWinds can calculate a baseline for the transmission rates of the various elements of your network. This baseline is used as a starting point for any comparison statistics. For more information, see Calculate a baseline.

Allow Secure Data on Web (advanced)

In the interest of security, sensitive information about your network is not viewable in the SolarWinds Web Console. However, if your network is properly secured, you may check this option to allow the viewing of community strings and other potentially sensitive information within the web console.

This setting does not affect the display of custom reports that you export to the web. For more information see Create a web-based report.

Node Warning Level

Devices that do not respond to polling within this designated period of time display as Down in the web console. By default, this value is 120 seconds.

Counter Rollover

This option sets the type of counter SolarWinds SAM is to use. For more information, see Handle counter rollovers.