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Application Details

This resource provides an overview of the assigned application monitor and its node.

  • Click Edit to change the title and subtitle of the resource.

This resource contains the following fields:


  • Click Edit Application Monitor to modify the assigned application monitor.
  • Click Unmanage to specify an interval for the assigned application monitor during which no statistics are collected.
  • Click Poll Now to poll the assigned application monitor immediately.

Application Name

Provides the assigned application monitor name and its node.

  • Click the application monitor name to view the SolarWinds SAM Application Details page.
  • Click the node name to view the Node Details page.

Application Status

Provides the status of the application.

Server Status

Provides the server status of the assigned application monitor's node. Mouse over the icon for an explanation of what it represents.

Component Name

Provides the names, types, and status of the component monitors that make up the assigned application monitor. When SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor discovers a monitor that is not up, mouse over info for more information.