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Application Availability

This resource graphically shows the various states of an application in a percentage format and is made up of three sections: the legend, the main chart, and the lower chart. The colors of the main chart correspond to the labels in the legend.

This resource is not available when using Internet Explorer 7. Consider upgrading Internet Explorer 8 or higher or using FireFox or Chrome as your web browser.


You can have the chart show a predetermined time period of data by clicking on any one of the three Zoom buttons; 1 hour, 12 hours, or 24 hours.

Once you have a time period selected, the lower chart will zoom to the starting and ending values of the selected time period. With the lower chart you can zoom in further by fine tuning the view with the sliders, highlighted above. The main view of the chart will display the selected time period between the two sliders of the lower chart.

The Export button will allow you to export this data to both MS Excel and HTML.