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Application Availability Chart

This chart lets you visualize the amount of time an application was in a particular state of availability. This chart is interactive. Hover over any part of the chart to display detailed information.

The tooltip indicates the number of times the application was in a certain state. For example, in the previous illustration, an application was polled 12 times in one hour (every five minutes) and was deemed available (up) 10 times, in a Critical state once, and in a Warning state once.


You can have the chart show a predetermined time period of data by clicking on any one of the three Zoom buttons; 1 hour, 12 hours, or 24 hours. Alternatively, you can have the chart show a specific time range by dragging the mouse over a small area of the chart, or by adjusting the sliders in the smaller chart below the main chart.

Once you have a time period selected, the lower chart zooms to the starting and ending values of the selected time period. With the lower chart you can zoom in further by fine tuning the view with the sliders. The main view of the chart displays the selected time period between the two sliders of the lower chart.

The Export button opens the Custom Chart allowing you to export this data to both MS Excel and HTML.