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Enabling AppInsight for IIS

The target machine must have the following:

  • WinRM 2.0
  • PowerShell v2.0
  • IIS

SAM uses a specially designed configuration tool to make the necessary changes for enabling AppInsight for IIS. Once this tool completes remote configuration, it automatically removes and unregisters itself.

  1. The configuration tool first transfers to the IIS Server by using the Windows administrative share.
  2. Once on the IIS Server, the tool uses a custom PowerShell script to make configuration changes.
  3. The tool then reports back to SAM with the results.
  4. If errors are reported, you are asked to configure IIS.

SAM makes the following configuration changes

  • Enable WinRM
  • Enable Windows Authentication for PowerShell's web site.
  • WinRM and Windows Authentication configurations are performed remotely from SAM.